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New Kickstarter: Project Manhigh

I just launched a unique Kickstarter project today of which I believe is one of the first of its kind for NASA-related aerospace patches.
In December 1955, Project Manhigh was conceived by the USAF to study the effects of cosmic rays on humans. This was some of the early groundwork research for the future of manned space travel.
In honor of Project Manhigh's 60th anniversary in December, I plan to fly Project Manhigh commemorative patches to the same altitude as the three brave pilots of Project Manhigh, recover and deliver the patches.
Supporters can choose to receive a patch that has been flown to 90,000-110,000 feet into our stratosphere. Funds will help pay for the balloon, helium and other costs of a stratospheric balloon launch. All launch and recovery operations will be supervised by me personally.
You can read about the project at