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I am on vacation from Sept 24, 2020 to October 12, 2020, so I will not be able to mail your order until I return. 

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Apollo-Saturn AS-202 Commemorative Patch

AS-202 Commemorative Patch

The Apollo-Saturn 202 (AS-202) mission was an unmanned suborbital flight to test the Saturn 1B launch vehicle and the Apollo Command and Service Modules. The objectives of the flight were to verify the structural integrity, launch loads, stage separation, and operation of subsystems of the Saturn IB, and evaluate the Apollo spacecraft separations, emergency detection system, subsystems, heatshield at high re-entry velocity, and mission support facilities. All objectives were achieved. The patch shows the CM module re-entering performing a skip re-entry with and the Apollo CSM performing a test burn of the Service Propulsion System (SPS) engine.

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